Ultra schedule

Productivity is a running target: the closer you get, frther it goes. I am a person who always have a lot of plans and projects. And accomplishing them is one of the best rewards. Keeping my creativity high requires good time management while giving room for flexibility.
Terefore for some time i am looking for the resources that can help me improve my productivity. Tgere are tons of them! And not all are that useful. What i look for is advice on giving a pattern to my life while maintaining flexibility that i need. This article from Jessica Hische is a useful one, on weekly and daily scheduling to increase productivity.

Lego, Creativity and Innovation

Nice story from the Smashing Network about how Lego used creativity and integrated it into its business to maintain its revenue. The observation that the kids become increasingly smarter and the way they play also changes is a valuable observation.
Btw, Lego is iconic for me as a member of generation who grew up with Lego’s. It means not only a toy but a creative journey to most of us. Am happy that they succeeded for so long. A visit to LegoLand is still on my to-do’s 🙂

Magic Circle of Play

One thing that I really like about teaching at Playful Interactions, TU/e is that I have the chance to meet and discuss with other coaches, who are a group of  inspiring  practitioners with different expertise and a playful mindset : )

Ellis Bartholomeus is one of them. She is an applied game consultant, and a game design thinker (I really liked the term).

I had the chance to watch Ellis Bartholomeus’s  workshop at IxDA’14 conference in Amsterdam.

Quite inspiring!


Few weeks ago we had a talk with her over what she does, and over my study. It was interesting to both of us to see whether some game and play principles be applied in  the workshop process.

Multi-disciplinary design workshops are interesting settings: people who speak different languages come together and try to communicate, and collaborate. It is not an easy thing to find a common ground for discussion and negotiation. Conflicts are almost inevitable. Besides, people come to workshops to think differently, to get inspired and to have fun.  I repeatedly observe how important it is to give the workshop participants a creative mindset and mood during the workshop to make them more comfortable and productive. I was repeatedly asking to myself, how could we engage the people in the process to provide a better experience?

Applying game principles and elements into the process and inviting them into the “magic circle”of play can be a way to a more engaging process.

That is one of the reasons that I proposed the Business Unusual project in the TU/e Playful Interactions theme. We have a nice group of students who are willing to explore the intersection of design and business, with a playful angle. And I am quite enthusiastic about exploring the possibilities together with them.

Ellis gave her workshop to the students past week. As a follower of her blog, I found the presentation 😉


I am curious about how the students will apply it to their designs.