These are the three basic questions that we use many times, when problem solving, explaining, discussing and decision making. Design is also a way of making associations between these questions. However the order is important.

Simon Sinek’s presentation over the issue is an eye opener about how these questions are utilised. His main focus is how to use these questions while developing a product and communicating its value to the audience.
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I found quite a similarity between the Value Design Canvas that i am developing. In principle, it is an interface for proposing the right focus for design in the right order, so that it step by step leads the group to arrive at a solution.

I was subconsciously aware that the right design requires the clarity in this order. But this video made me realize the similarities in the process that I propose for the multi-stakeholder group design process.
The inner two circles makes a clarification on the why, by exploring on the user needs, context variables and the interaction between the two. Why the idea is novel, and why it is valuable. Then it proposes the basics for how: How will you combine the spotted ideas, and how will you relize it through collaboration. And finally it proposes a structure to clarify what you are proposing.

I think that is the very general essence of designing valuable user experiences. If you honestly ask these questions in the right order, the chances of failing is less..

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