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I love learning and sharing what I know. For two years I instructed in the graduate level research and design courses, mainly on user research, emotional design, usability and interaction design, as a research assistant at METU Department of Industrial Design. During my PhD studies at TU/e Industrial Design I was a project coach in Playful Interactions Theme. I coached students and organised workshops for designing for sports motivation, stakeholder involvement in the design process and integrating business modelling at the product concepting stage. Teaching at the self-directed learning system based on reflective practice was a great experience in itself.

Below are my snippets from my past teaching experience.

Designing Interactions Course

METU-TUDelft Design for Interaction  Joint MSc. Program

The course is one of the elementary must courses of the Design for Interaction METU-TUDelft Joint MSc Program. The course aims to enable the students to be more critical yet creative about the potentials of new technologies in interaction design. The course content included the terms and concepts in relation to various interaction domains; discussions on state-of-the-art technologies for product, system, and environment interactions; practical appraisals of existing interactions, accompanied by a research and design assignment for developing a new product concept. I worked with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bahar Sener-Pedgley and Assist. Prof. Dr. Owain Pedgley and assisted for building the content and framework of the course and applied projects. I gave lectures on the history of HCI, post-WIMP interaction styles, integration of user research in the design process (based on user interviews, persona generation and story-boarding).

The term project was developing a concept design for emotion communicator. Projects were assigned by and presented to Nokia. The graduate students worked enthusiastically and presented great performance throughout the course. I was really an inspiring experience to work with the students from different cultures.

Dimensions of Designing for Emotions Course

METU Industrial Design MSc. Program

The aim of the course was to present the terms and concepts of design for emotion. The course covered discussions on topics including emotions, affective design, hedonomics, user types, product qualities and evaluation procedures; review of the state-of-the-art tools and methods, and qualitative data analysis. The students were expected to design and conduct empirical research. I assisted to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Çigdem Erbug and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bahar Sener-Pedgley by tutoring the students during their research and lab facilities usage, as well as lecturing them about the subjective user experience evaluation techniques.

Models and Methods of Ergonomics

METU Industrial Design MSc. Program

Methods of data collection concerning people. Methods of synthesizing data into ergonomically sound design concepts, prototypes and final design outcomes. Subsequent evaluation of designs in terms of usability and safety. Contains lectures, applied research and library research. Assisting Assoc. Prof. Dr. Çigdem Erbug, I was tutoring the students with their research design and application, questionnaire and interview design throughout the course.

Advanced Project Development in Industrial Design

METU Industrial Design MSc. Program, Graduate Design Studio

An application oriented course with a specific emphasis on exploring new methods, new approaches and new problem areas in the cross-disciplinary area of industrial design. Students are encouraged to choose subjects related to their thesis topic. Topics of study: Design strategies, design processes, analysis of use, analysis of production processes language of design, design constraints, interface analysis, cost-benefit analysis, cultural analysis, market analysis. I was assisting to Inst. Figen Isik and Inst. Burcu Derer Omay by tutoring the students in their user research activities and integrating the research outcomes into their designs.


Apart from my teaching-research assistanceship at METU-ID, I also gave lectures and coordinated workshops as an independent researcher. This was a great opportunity for me to share my experience and develop my understanding with diverse audiences.

Generative Research Methods

Online Lecture at TOBB Department of Industrial Design, User Studies in Design, Turkey | 2014

the lecture was over generative research methods, Why they are valuable to apply in the design process and how they can be applied. I utilized the book Convivial Toolbox by Sanders and Stappers as a main resource. Provided examples from our student work and framework from my research as well.

Evaluation of Car Interiors Based on User Requirements

Lecture & Workshop at Domus Design Academy, Italy | 2010

I conducted a 1-day workshop at the Domus Design Academy Automotive Design Summer Course. The project was developing a Concept Design for Milan Taxi vehicle, which will be in service at the Expo 2015. It was a quite inspirational and unique experience for me as well as for the students, as the participants varied 18 to 40 years and from diverse backgrounds being student, designer, engineer and educator.

Following a short lecture on the methods of user requirements and perceived quality analysis, we conducted a hands-on research by comparing 4 different taxi vehicle models that are in use in Milan. Based on the contextual observations and interviews with users, we discussed on the problematic areas and potential solutions.

Have a look at the workshop presentation.

Usability of Digital Consumer Products

Umeå Institute of Design | 2007

Concepts of user centered design and product usability, examples from the user research and usability evaluation activities at UTEST.

Presentation at Umea

Subjective User Assessment & Three Inquiry Methods

ID 704 Methods for Usability Testing and UCD, METU | 2006

Multidimensional Scaling, Repertory Grid and Cultural Probes techniques and application in user research

Remarks on a Design Research Experience

Sample Study for Thesis Research and Writing

ID 421 Design Research in Action, METU | 2004, 2007

Reflection of experiences on the thesis writing progress, practical issues on effective research planning, organization of resources and writing techniques

Electric Home Appliance Accidents

ID 232 Ergonomics in Design, METU | 2003

Overall concept of product safety, unattended use, misuse and disregarded contextual factors in the design process