| PhD Study

In networked innovation value creation is dependent on the interplay of the capabilities and resources of the partners. In such design projects, the unknowns and uncertainties about the stakeholder capabilities and expectations, as well as the complexity of the design situation,  pose a challenge for the designers. Then how can we design product/service concepts by considering the relationships between different stakeholders together with the user and business requirements? How can we support the designers to integrate stakeholder perspective into the design concept, at the early stages of the design process?

My PhD research, under the supervision of Tilde Bekker and Yuan Lu from TU Eindhoven Industrial Design, is focused on developing a design method to support the multi-stakeholder innovation initiation stage. The Value Design Method combines user experience design with business model design approach in a single process for both having a shared understanding among stakeholders, and also thinking of the stakeholder capabilities as a means to develop innovative design concepts.


The method is being developed via an iterative process, with a research through design approach by using multi-stakeholder workshops as a research and observation context (Gultekin-Atasoy et al., 2015).

Value Design Canvas

value_design_canvasI developed a tool prompt alongside the method as a means to apply the method and to investigate the dynamics of the multi-stakeholder collaboration process. The Value Design Canvas is a paper based tool which is designed to be used in multi-stakeholder workshops at the innovation initiation stage. It represents the process, inspires the discussion and structure the design discussion with easy facilitation. Several versions of the tool prompt were developed and applied in workshop contexts for diverse design problems with many stakeholders.

ProFit Project

My PhD project was supported by the EU INTERREG IVB NWE ProFit Project. The project aimed to support innovation and new business creation in the sports sector by establishing FieldLabs and developing an EU network of FieldLabs focused on sport. A FieldLab is a living lab concept, an open research and activity location in an urban environment where citizens can engage in innovative sports activities. The FieldLab concept represents the idea that the mixture of diverse capabilities and resources of different stakeholders are the driving force for innovative ideas. FieldLabs are developed in four European cities: Eindhoven, Delft (Nl), Kortrijk (Be) and Sheffield (UK) through the ProFit poject.

In the context of the ProFit Project, the Value Design Method was applied with the workshops at several stages through the project, both to define the requirements of the FieldLab services and to bring diverse stakeholders together to refine innovative product concepts together with designers. In the sessions complementary stakeholder groups composed of SME’s, sports-movement experts and students were brought together. The groups developed product and service concepts based on the design briefs and explored the business model possibilities in these sessions.

The research output and the methodological tool is aimed to assist the FieldLab open innovation approach in the future by allowing diverse stakeholders to define a value proposition in a collaborative way.

More information about the ProFit Project and the FieldLabs: http://www.fieldlabs.eu