Gallery of Data Visualization – Timelines

“How can you show the details of a history visually? Time provides one obvious dimension. What else can you show to tell the story? Most timeline charts use a 2D representation, time x {place or theme}. Some are more successful in integrating additional dimensions.

This page is an annotated visual gallery of some timeline designs from their origin to today. Although time is one-dimensional, telling some story of history visually is much more complex, and it is quite instructive to see together how different graphic designers have aproached this problem.”

via Gallery of Data Visualization – Timelines.

100 of the best data visualisations / infographics

Really good examples of information visualizations. this area really attracts my attention, and I believe that it will gain ever more importance with dynamic information visualization. However, some day I will need a “visualization of information visualization resources” to keep up with the pace!

Thanks to Chris Watson for providing these resources on visualthinkmap

Thumbnail chart of vizualizaton of different style. Links are provided in the original resource

. » 100 of the besThumbnail chart of vizualizaton of different style. Links are provided in the original resourcet data visualisations / infographics.

Augmented Reality Is Overhyped and Abused

Augmented Reality is overhyped and abused, writes Matthew Szymczyk in Advertising Age, and we’re in danger of killing off a rather useful technology.

“As web-based augmented-reality applications have exploded, it’s more important than ever to remember AR is a technology based on utility and not gimmicks.”

Augmented Reality Is Overhyped and Abused – Advertising Age – DigitalNext.

Some good examples of AR are provided here, which are about to transform computing technology use at home.